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Modules 1 & 2 - Core Training – two days

Participants will understand the components of Social Media Marketing (SMM) and the real uses and strategies.  Learn how to best use each component to market your business or services on the web.   Learn the applications of these components emphasizing the favorable impact to their respective business with predictable and expanding outcomes.

Module 1 – Social Media Marketing (SMM) Basic & Advanced Strategies – 10 Hours

Understand why you must start using Social Media Marketing. Participants will learn what is Social Media (SM), Social Book Marking (SB), Blogs, Microblogs and how to effectively use Google, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, YouTube, blogs, PR releases and more to build a powerful online brand.  

Module 2 - Real SEO – Web Site Optimization Strategies that Really Work – 6 Hours

During this session participants will learn how to optimize their sites on the web, how to use meta tags, keywords, description, title, <H1>, <H2>, content, alt-tags in the construction of web sites.  Learn the basics of web site hosting, importance of marketing your URL and how to properly set up your web site.  Learn the use of Flash or Images vs. content and how to, or not, work with a web designer. And should you have a web site vs. a blog?

 Module 3 – Affiliate Marketing & Google Pay Per Click Advertising - 3 Hours 

Participants will learn how to use affiliate marketing to increase revenues using existing web site or blog traffic. Also, how to properly utilize Pay Per Click advertising such as Google Adwords to drive new traffic to their sites while controlling expense and maximizing return on investment.

Module 4 - Basic Offline (and Online) Marketing – 3 Hours

Participants will learn how to maximize the use of available online tools to add value to a business, increase online presence and increase profits.  

They will learn “New Marketing” online and offline techniques forc successfully increasing sales and revenue.

Module 5 – Event Promotion Using Online and Offline Content – 3 Hours


Participants will learn how to effectively use online and offline resources to build media relationships through press releases, media outlets, Social Networking and Local Events tools and other means to promote their events.

Module 6 – Google Tools, Tricks and Tips – 3 Hours

Participants will learn how to Using Google Docs for collaboration and business efficiency, Calendar for sharing events, Alerts to keep informed, Maps to maximize traffic and Gmail account, Picasa and other Google tools for business.

Module 7 – Using Email Marketing Basics and Strategies to Retain Customer and Get New Ones – 3 Hours

Participants will learn: A) - The Power of Email Marketing: Strategies, Best Practices and real-life case studies of small businesses using email marketing.  In just a few short hours, this information-packed seminar will show you how email marketing – the hands-on, low-cost marketing tool – can really help you drive your business success.

Discover how communicating with your customers regularly can help you stay connected, and generate increased referrals, repeat sales, and unwavering customer loyalty.

Module 8 – How to Write Press Releases and Get the Media to Cover Your News and Events – 3 Hours

Participants will learn how to effectively use formats and templates to write and publish press releases to increase awareness of business activities and events. Topics will also include using free online press releases to increase traffic and awareness of their website and their business.

Module 9 - Making Money with Information Products and Marketing – 3 Hours

Learn about The Information Funnel, how to turn your book, speeches, products or services into information products and how to effectively market them for maximum profitability.

SMU Certificate Completion Requirements

  1. Complete Core Modules plus 5 Elective Modules.

  2. Must display their social media campaign with a minimum of a personalized and active Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blog, YouTube and LinkedIn account.

Social Media University Micro-Workshops 

·         Blogs and Blogging for Business – 2 Hours

    • What is a Blog and how to use it for business

    • Who uses blogs? (Case studies)

    • Blogs and web site SEO rankings

    • Blogs for business success and marketing

    • Creating blog content

    • Getting traffic to your blog

    • Q&A

·         Twitter Power for Business Success (An Introduction) – 2 Hours

    • What is Twitter

    •  Twitter for web site SEO rankings

    • Twitter Uses

      • Customer service and feedback

      • What are people saying about your business

      • Keeping up with industry trends

      • Tracking your competitors

      • Marketing your business

    • Building relationships using Twitter

    • Twitter applications

    • Open and setup a Twitter account

    • Q&A

·         YouTube & Video for Marketing Success – 3 Hours

    • What is

    • The importance of marketing with video

      • Event marketing

      • Differentiate yourself from your competitors

    • Costs and tools for creating videos

    • Integration with your web site or blog

    • Your own YouTube Channel

    • Other video sites

    • Q & A

    Designing Your Own Web Site Using FrontPage – 3 Hours

  • Selecting your URL

  • Signing up for web hosting and domain services

  • Using web site creation sites

  • How to create a  website with  Frontpage

  • Basic website strategies

  • Publishing your pages and changes to your site

  • A Hands-on seminar

·         Photoshop Basics for the Web & Social Media – 3 hours

    Learn the basic photo editing tasks for use on your web site, social networking sites or blogs, including zooming, cropping, file size and image reduction, removing a background, changing the contrast and other basic functions (Hands-on):

  • Converting file formats

  • Shrink the size of a photo

  • How to open and save files in Photoshop

  • The Basics of Layers

  • Text formatting

  • Saving a project for the web

·         Getting Started with Constant Contact (Hands-on) – 3 Hours

  • During this session we will open up the Constant Contact system and reveal how to create a campaign, upload your list and much more.

  • Using Constant Contact for email marketing. Setting up your account, importing and entering contacts, starting an email project using templates, scheduling emails, archiving emails, sharing with Social Media tools, strategies for success and everything you need for successfully using emails to grow your business.

  • Bonus:  Social Media Strategies and Constant Contact

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